The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On

Mumbai Merasi Elixir:

Heading Home on a High Note

Sahjad playing the Dholak

Young leader Sahjad was part of the troupe that brought audiences to their feet during a week of Mumbai Merasi Elixir.

Awards from Sea to Shining Sea:

Tributes to the Merasi Legacy

Rasulji accepting the award from Rtn. Prafull Sharma in Mumbai

Music Merasi Teacher Rasul-ji stepped FARward in Mumbai on behalf of the Merasi musicians of LKSS to receive the Rotary Club Of Mumbai Cuffe Parade’s Award of Vocational Excellence for preservation of their Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Merasi children welcome Karen Lukas to thier village in the Thar Desert

In October, Mass. College of Art and Design in Boston will acknowledge the collaborative work of Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan and Folk Arts Rajasthan as it honors the professional accomplishments of a selection of Mass Art alumni, including Karen Lukas, in a pop-up photo installation.

Bookworms throughout the Land:

Pratham India Annual Read Day

Merasi School students embrace their new books

Our NGO alliance, Pratham India, orchestrated its annual day of reading where a single title is read throughout the country.

At Merasi School, the book was read in English, Hindi, and translated into Jaisalmeri by the little class peer teacher. Way to go, Seema!

English copies were scarce in Suriya’s middle class because of its popularity. “We are happy because we see our students are very interested in English.” So is FAR!

Music as a Unifying Language:

Playing for Change 2017

Ajij Khan plays the murli

LKSS threw open its doors for the fifth time to join the global musical neighborhood during Playing for Change Day.

Internationally acclaimed master musicians Ghamshay and Ajij Khan joined the 30 to 40 enthusiastic young players.

“We felt like we were on stage for the first time.”

“There is a day for fathers, a day for mothers, this is our day for music.” -Dr. Sarwar Khan

YOU can be part of this musical revolution by contributing to the necessary resources for Merasi students.
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“No more Manganiyar (beggars)…
…we are Jaisalmer Merasi (musicians).”

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