Spotlight: Akaram

Akaram Khan Merasi
Let’s throw kindness like confetti

RALLY ‘ROUND a now-thriving musical tradition…

Folks are beginning to travel – embracing summer to be with family and friends. During this time, the entire FARmily comes to mind with your endlessly flowing kindness. Your humanity means the world to FAR, the Merasi and especially Akaram.

We strive to strengthen the MERASI tour bridges built through cultural exchange, yet frustrations are relentless. In April and again in May, despite Demi’s heroic efforts, Akaram was denied a tourist visa to visit host families, friends and new musical acquaintances this summer.

A sobering truth – institutionalized discrimination worldwide – barred Akaram’s travel to the US this time, but we do not lose hope. Here, we celebrate how FAR we have come and how the rising generation strives to push their community FARward.

This summer Akaram will be driving the Merasi School rickshaw 6 days a week, transporting that generation to and from their future.

We need your help! The rickshaw is on it’s last leg –

to ensure continuing access to the programs.

Let’s throw kindness like confetti and revel in Akaram’s unrivaled originality!

Professional and diplomatic MERASI troupe member, Akaram

Pointing to a sea of hopeful social transformation ahead

A face of optimism

Akaram finds joy in another way of life

Musical passion knows no boundaries

Crafting Light and Hope –
One Note at a Time

Homes enriched with global musical narratives

Josie’s Mom’s home-made meal met with resounding applause

Akaram poses with FARmily elder Lukie

Exploring the world with new eyes: a MERASI perspective

The sum of all our parts

Nations complementing one another

Interactions engendering appreciation and empathy

Music preservation marches on

“No more Manganiyar (beggars)…
…we are Jaisalmer Merasi (musicians).”
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