News Bytes from Merasi Programs in Jaisalmer

News Bytes from Merasi Programs in Jaisalmer

Children’s Gatherings (Sammelans)
LKSS hosts the 13th Sammelan themed Friendship and Unity

At this event, fifty-six Merasi village children outnumbered fifty-four city children that attend and run Merasi School each day. Attendees ranged in age from 4 to 19. The glory of the day was watching many stand confidently to share their experiences of friendship and unity with their peers.

As children left they were gifted with small handmade dolls called Chota Chums or Little Friends thanks to Christine Matus’ nimble fingers.

Merasi children introduce Karen Lukas (left) and Lynn Bayman (right) to their new Little Friends
(photo Charlotte Smith).

Merasi School

Girl Power Progress
Seema Khan, who is part of the next generation of Merasi Youth Leaders, has begun to help teach Little Class at Merasi School after she comes home from her school – an important marker of continued leadership development.

Seema (far right) with Little Class at Merasi School.

Little Class students practice writing for an alphabet banner to use
in their studies on the roof at Merasi School.

Music Preservation & Music Merasi

“One hand on the pen, on hand on the drum”

Inspired by their Sammelan, 14-year old Merasi Youth Leader Suresh Khan composed a dua (poem) using Mahendi (henna) as a metaphor for lasting friendship. Suresh wrote it in Hindi in a notebook for Folk Arts Rajasthan. English-speaking Merasi Youth provided translation, later nuanced and recorded at LKSS by Stephen Huyler.

(Photo Charlotte Smith)

His poem goes: “Just as henna (mehndi) changes and becomes brighter as it dries on your hand, so friendships grow warmer and closer to your heart when you are apart.”

To hear Suresh sing the dua check out FAR’s Facebook page

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