Merasi Women Soar

Merasi Women Soar

Home-Schooled Valedictorian

Sitara with her mother

In 2015, Sitara was forced to leave school before she could finish due to harassment. This was not the only obstacle she faced in her education. After signing up to teach herself from home, her English books provided by the government did not arrive until seven of the nine months she had to study had passed. Yet she persisted, translating the Hindi books online to English, and studying from there.

This summer she passed the final exam and with her high school equivalency is now the highest educated Jaisalmer Merasi girl.

Rashni is Determined to Learn English

The Merasi Nargarchi clan have been reluctant to send their girls to school but times are changing. Rashni, inspired by peer teacher Seema, is determined to learn English and comes to LKSS to learn from Seema daily.

Rashni faced resistance from her family, but as they watch educated girls contribute in meaningful ways, they have changed their minds.

Rashni (R) with her peer teacher Seema (L)

A Life Changing Letter

Ten years ago Saina left her village for an education at Merasi school. Home on holiday, she visited a recent widow, discovering a letter stating her illiterate friend’s right to half her husband’s army pension. Her friend was overcome with joy to learn of this rightful entitlement.

Being the first educated girl in her village, Saina’s education serves people beyond herself. ‘Now they are proud of me that I know how to read and write.’

(L): Saina, one of the first students at Merasi School and (R): Arman, newest student at Merasi School


Arman is Mersai School’s newest student who directly benefits from girls education in his community. He has the privilege of interacting with all three of our highlighted heroines in the classroom.

Witnessing these role models front and center in his daily life shifts cultural norms. One day, Arman will ensure education equality for his children.

A is for Ask

YOU can be part of this education revolution by contributing to the necessary educational resources for Merasi students. Donate to support Merasi education here!

“No more Manganiyar (beggars)…
…we are Jaisalmer Merasi (musicians).”

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