The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On Mumbai Merasi Elixir: Heading Home on a High Note Young leader Sahjad was part of the troupe that brought audiences to their feet during a week of Mumbai Merasi ... More

Merasi Women Soar

Merasi Women Soar Home-Schooled Valedictorian In 2015, Sitara was forced to leave school before she could finish due to harassment. This was not the only obstacle she faced in her ... More

Spotlight: Akaram

Spotlight: Akaram Khan Merasi Let’s throw kindness like confetti RALLY ‘ROUND a now-thriving musical tradition… Folks are beginning to travel - embracing summer to be with family and ... More

Spring Brings New

Spring brings in the NEW Here in Jaisalmer, all is radiant with Holi colors. Together, Folk Arts Rajasthan & Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan (LKSS) embrace these goals: To proclaim ... More

News Bytes from Merasi Programs in Jaisalmer

News Bytes from Merasi Programs in Jaisalmer Children’s Gatherings (Sammelans) LKSS hosts the 13th Sammelan themed Friendship and Unity At this event, fifty-six Merasi village ... More